Sunday, 16 March 2014

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks # 3 Charles Frederick Swadling

In 2009 Jessica Raine Swadling posted a comment on my Facebook Swadling One Name Study page asking for help in finding out more about her family. She said that she was one of four children of Mervyn Gray Swadling who had passed away in 1999. She also said that he was one of seven children born to Charles and Eileen Swadling and two of the seven children had also died. At the time no-one responded to her request so as part of the 52 ancestors in 52 weeks project I have decided to see if I can offer any assistance.

At the time Jessica didn’t say where her father was born but from checking records on Ancestry I found out that the family was based in Western Australia. The first thing I found out was that her grandfather Charles was called Charles Frederick Swadling and her grandmother Eileen was really called Aileen Gertrude Wansborough or Wansbrough. Aileen was the daughter of Percival Wansbrough and Minnie Victoria Gray and was born in 1909. On the 1931 Electoral Rolls register Aileen was working as a kitchen maid in the Premier Hotel on Forrest Street Collie. Her parents were also living on Forrest Street. Her father was a blacksmith and her mother was a housewife.

Charles Frederick’s early life on the other hand is a bit of a mystery. There are several family trees on the Ancestry web site that say that he was born in England in 1909 but as yet I can’t confirm this information.

Charles married Aileen in 1934 in Geraldton Western Australia and he worked as a truck driver for most of his working life. Aileen gave up working at the Premier Hotel and for the rest of her life she stayed at home to care for her family. Charles and Aileen had seven sons, Kevan Frederick, Ronald Charles, Douglas Bernard, Ivan Charles, Mervyn Gray, Graeme Philip and Rodney Stewart. Kevan Frederick was a truck driver and died in the 1970’s. Ronald Charles had died as a small child in 1939.

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